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I am excited to start a conversation with you about things that are on your mind.  I intend to help provide guidance and words of wisdom as you move forward in your life in achieving the success you’re looking for.  Don’t be shy….let’s start talking!


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  1. Carla, I am trying to figure out what would be a good career for me. I like business and communications. I have ok math skills. When I job shadowed in high school I liked being in a bank but I do not want to be a teller. I will enroll in community college soon and I don’t know what I should major in. How do I figure it out?
    D.A. from CT

    • If you enjoyed being in a bank perhaps you should consider the accounting/finance industry. There are many jobs in this field that may be suitable for you such as an accountant, financial planner, investment advisor, financial analysts, debt controller, or tax manger just to name a few.

      When trying to select a college major, I always recommend one to take an on-line assessment to determine what college majors are best suited for you based on your personal interest and skills. There are many resources on the internet that can help you at no costs. Just do a google search on “college major match tests”. Try one of those sites to get started and find the right major for you!

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