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Taking the Drama out of Essay Writing

Writing essays are challenging for so many people.  Many students struggle with finding an interest topic, building strong content, formatting their essay, using correct grammar/spelling, and the list goes on.  So how do you take the “drama” out of writing?  Here are three basic steps to writing a good essay.

1) Brainstorm – Think of your experiences, challenges, and outstanding moments in your life for interesting topics.  It is much easier to write about you or something related to you that allows you to draw from your personal self.

2) Draft your essay – Write your essay using three basic parts: introduction, body, and conclusion.  Be sure to have at least three facts or points that you can write to support the message or theme of your essay. 

3) Edit and finalize – Take a break from your essay before finalizing.  This means you need to provide enough time for this also..especially if you are working on a deadline! Reread and edit your essay as needed.  Have an English teacher or guidance counselor proof your essay and give you tips. Now, you are all set to finalize!


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